The Abundance Key - By Satish Rao

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I have BIG Dreams for You like I have for myself and am confident that we will catapult ourselves to the Top of the league. Scale-up our knowledge, be in the right environment and build a successful business in order to achieve Health & Wealth Abundance for all around.

Why do we struggle with money issues? What is the secret to create huge wealth? Are there any tested vehicles to build wealth while making a positive impact?

Satish Rao

Author, Mentor, Talk Show Host, Direct Marketer, Abundance Crusader

Clarity Is The Moment We See Without Opening Our Eyes (Stephanie Banks)

I Am On A Mission To Impact 100,000 Families With Health & Wealth Abundance!



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"Very helpful, extremely polite, good natured..." - Satyajit Srimani

Satish is very helpful, extremely polite, good natured and amicable gentleman. He is a knowledgeable person too. I am associated with him in health and wellness business as a partner and he guided me immensely whenever I approached him. He is a good speaker too. His kind and affectionate nature and smiling face attracts one and all...


"It was great working with..." - Sqn Ldr Delshad Master (Retd.)

It was great working with Satish as he is an energetic, effervescent and resplendent personality. His guidance helped me tremendously and went a long way in reclaiming my health, wellness and vitality. I thank Satish for all his help and patience with my problems...


"Am proud to be associated..." - Saravanan VA

Satish with the Good Heart, Pioneer in Holistic Abundance. I am proud to be associated with you. I wish you Holistic Abundance Life...


"Inspiring personality who is proactive in supporting..." - Balasubramanian R

Satish an ever-smiling & inspiring personality who is proactive in supporting the team with his timely presence. He has a rich experience in corporate assignments including a stint as CEO. His recent launch of book is a feather in the cap as a new facet in his career that has brought in more authority. He is very practical with simplified version of essential facts. He handholds / supports his team & followers that boosts the morale & delivers the best efforts too. Wishing Satish more success and abundant health as we need more such guys with real passion...


"Extremely knowledgeable colleague and friend..." - Namrata Chakhaiyar

Satish is a friendly, good-natured, and extremely knowledgeable colleague and friend. Working with him is a pleasure always! Expect to get the best advice on the wellness front from him...

"By being & working alone we can be a bit weak at times but as a team, we can go very far.. I always look forward to his inputs, encouragement to make this journey successful".

Animesh Shaw

Digital Marketing Nomad

"What I liked about Satish was that he introduced the product & the system in a very systematic way.. that was the best part. I strongly recommend this program to someone who is serious about creating an additional source of income".

Girish Shekhar

working professional

"I can change my life as well as the lives of others by impacting them positively. The way he taught & the way he presented has given me the confidence & insights to go ahead and make a difference. Thank you for all your support Satish!”

Jyoti Kumar

business owner

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